Frequently Asked Questions


1. When and where will the DT summer party take place?                              The summer party will take place on June 20, 2023, starting at 5 pm in Bonn on the campus at Landgrabenweg. The party ends at 1 am. 
2. Why is there a summer party?                         We are celebrating the summer party this year. It is a replacement in Bonn for the Christmas party that was held every year until before the Covid pandemic.
3. Who is allowed to attend the summer party?  Employees working in Bonn are invited to the summer party. If employees from other outside of Bonn are on site, they can of course also attend.  
4. Will there be summer parties for the regions as in AWAK3?       There will be no centrally organized regional parties. The summer party is the replacement event for the Christmas party in Bonn. 
5. What does the program look like?  The summer party offers a varied program of music, entertainment and fun activities. Be excited! 
6. How can I get tickets/how can I register? 

Employees working in Bonn will be invited via email and on YAM United to register via an online registration tool and will receive a confirmation email. Registration will be open from May 2 to May 31. 

The admission ticket for summer party is the employee ID card. 

7. I did not receive a confirmation email. What can I do? Email us at We will be happy to help you. 
8. May I bring my partner or a companion?

No. The summer party in Bonn is an internal event exclusively for Deutsche Telekom employees. 

9. How can employees without a German employee ID participate in the summer party?      Colleagues without a German employee ID card will be included on a guest list. Send us an e-mail to and we will send you the appropriate template to be on the guest list.
10. Is the participation in the summer party working time? 
  1. Attendance at the summer party is voluntary. 

  2. Employees are not required to attend or participate and are not engaged in the actual performance of work. Accordingly, times of participation are not to be compensated as working time. 

    At the same time, however, all employees should be given the opportunity to participate (this can be achieved primarily by taking flexitime/variable time), analogous to participation in Christmas parties. 

11. How sustainable is the summer party?     An event is never 100 percent sustainable and leaves a footprint. We want to keep this as small as possible. We use the principle avoid - reduce - reuse - compensate. Of course, everything that cannot be avoided will be compensated. These figures will be calculated in the CO2 event calculator after the summer festival and compensated in the form of CO2 certificates.  
12. Is the summer festival accessible for people with disability?       The summer festival takes place in the premises of the Landgrabenweg and is therefore accessible. Barrier-free WCs are available. 
13.Am I insured during the summer party? When you enter the party grounds, a separate organizer's liability insurance policy taken out for the event covers accident risks and damages. 
14. Who do I contact if I have further questions?  Us. Email us at 
15. I can't be there in person. Will the event be streamed on YAM United?  Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate at the summer party via livestream. 
16. Is there parking on site?  There is limited parking on Landgrabenweg. Please travel by public transport if possible. For those arriving by car, we recommend alternatively parking at the DT headquarters and using the shuttle service. Between 4 pm and midnight we offer a regular shuttle service between the headquarters (FEA) and Landgrabenweg. 
17. What is free, what do I have to pay for?  The entertainment program and food are free of charge. Please pay for your own drinks. You can buy vouchers two weeks before the summer party in advance and during the event at several stations. The purchase of vouchers is only possible with cash. 
18. Can I return vouchers? 
Yes, until the end of the event. 
19. Can I bring food and drinks to the summer party?     No, please do not bring your own food and beverages to the summer party. There is a variety of catering available, and there is sure to be something for everyone. 
20. Will there be any photography, filming, or audio recording of employees during the party?

Yes. During the event, there will be photography, filming and sound recordings (recordings). The recordings may be used by Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG) and its affiliated companies pursuant to §§ 15 et seq. of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) for the purpose of corporate communications, information and public relations in all media, both spatially and for an unlimited period of time, e.g. for publication in print media, for advertising future events, for flyers, for presentations, at trade fairs/exhibitions, in print and offline media (e.g. DVD, CD, CD-Rom), as a live stream in the foyer of DTAG headquarters, on the intranet/Internet (including live, if applicable), on television and radio (including live, if applicable) or in social media and apps. For this purpose, the recordings may be reproduced by DTAG, edited in compliance with their personal rights and stored permanently. DTAG is entitled to make the recordings available to affiliated companies as defined in §§ 15 ff of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), the press and other media partners of DTAG for corresponding use.   

The processing of the recordings is based on our legitimate interest (Art. 6 (1) f) DS-GVO).   

With regard to data protection aspects, you have the right to object to the production of the recordings and their use by DTAG for exceptional reasons arising from your particular situation at:

21. What catering is offered on site? Is there vegetarian / vegan food?   There will be a variety of food offerings at the summer party. There will also be an extensive vegetarian and vegan food offering.  
22. Can I access all rooms at any time?  Due to official requirements, individual rooms may be closed at short notice. This should be avoided by offering access to all areas. However, if there are any obstructions, we apologize. 
23. When does the event end?   The summer party ends at 1 am. 
24. I forgot something on site and have already left. Who can I contact?    

Please contact: 

Security Bonn 
+49 228 181-39833